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Our Approach to Patient Care

At Christopher G. Katcherian MD Surgery of the Hand & Wrist, our goal is to offer the highest quality specialized hand surgical care, from simple to complex including minimally invasive treatments, to allow our patients to gain back the pain-free use of their hands and arms and return to the activities they enjoy.. Dr. Katcherian is dedicated to providing a comfortable atmosphere for patients who seek not only specialized, but also personalized, treatment in a warm and patient environment. Along with timely and accurate diagnosis, the office assures timely and convenient appointments. Dr. Katcherians’ compassionate staff is well trained to offer comprehensive care for every patient, in order to meet their physical and emotional needs. Dr. Katcherian personally discusses all results with his patients and spends as much time as necessary to review and understand the options for appropriate treatment.

  • Our number one priority is patient experience; we strive for excellence in the way we treat patients, in and out of the operating room
  • We take trauma cases and elective cases
  • We treat simple cases and complex cases
  • We stay on the forefront of our field to continue to solve complex problems of the hand and wrist
  • We take a comprehensive approach to treatment of the hand and wrist, to include personal consultations, treatment plans, surgeries and therapy
  • Our office incorporates the most up-to-date healthcare information technology to deliver the best care possible
  • Dr. K is available day and night, easy access
  • Can call anytime with any questions at any time
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